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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Well what a few weeks we've just had ! Here's me promising to blog more often and then we hit holiday time & before I know it over a month has gone by. The Easter holidays were spent keeping 2 of our 3 occupied whilst looking after no2 son who came down with chicken pox on the first day of the holidays. Then after a busy two weeks, the eldest 2 went back to school and our youngest erupted into spots, so followed another week of confinement. They are all better now though.

Last week was unsettled too due to the Bank Holiday and schools closed for polling. So I am really hoping we can have a normal week this week and I can get crafting again.

Also hoping the warm weather will come back - yesterday was freezing so whilst hubby was out I put the heating on for the afternoon.

Finally, I'm also gearing myself up for a tough week with youngest son. He has never been a great eater, very fussy and a real junk lover, but since being ill it has got considerably worse. He is refusing anything except sweet stuff. So today I have dug my heels in. He refused his lunch, so was not allowed snacks this afternoon. Then he refused his bolognese tea so has been sent to bed without the cookie treat that the other boys had. The resulting trantrum was terrible - it really tore me apart. But I have stuck to my guns & not allowed any rubbish food. I did let him eat an apple before he went to sleep, because I felt such a bad mum. I'm really hoping he will soon get the message - I don't like this tough love !

Lisa, Designs by Isis - sent via iPhone.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Commission for my big brother...

I've spent a bit of time lately making up bookmarks for my brother to take to Venezuela. He is the Team Leader on an Exchange Programme organised by The Rotary Club. He's spent alot of time preparing for the visit and goes in a few days time. He has learnt Spanish for the trip & has been busy preparing a presentation in Spanish to give once there about himself, his work and the varied work of the Rotary Club.
He wanted gifts suitable to give to the families that he will be staying with & asked if it could be relevant to Cornwall which is where he lives. So we came up with the idea of bookmarks including a Cornish Celtic Cross and Celtic charms together with a book of Cornwall. So anyway, they are all done now & packed up ready for him to take in a week or so.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

New marketplace.....

Well, last night I bought myself a slot on a new marketplace called Zibbet. I've looked around, it looks really good & seems to be very user friendly. Plus its free to list & no commission, just a nominal monthly fee. Decided to give it a go - in for a penny as they say. I managed to get a $7 slot, but I understand that today onwards for a short period it is $8. The price will increase when all the $8 slots are gone. I've not managed to find time to set up shop properly yet, as I'm currently working on a commission for my brother (more about that later). But hopefully will get to it soon. Anyway, if you are a member & you refer friends, you earn referral bonuses. So, if anyone is thinking about it, why not sign up using my link below. You can even sign up for free & upgrade your account later. As long as you have entered via the link below, I will get the referral. http://www.zibbet.com/DesignsbyIsis/sell Hope you like what you see & can help me with my referrals. Cheers xxx

Friday, 26 March 2010

Nearing 600 facebook fans....

593 facebook fans - is it possible to make 600 by the end of the weekend ? http://facebook.com/designsbyisis Mind you, its a shame that fans do not equal sales !!! Have a good weekend everyone, usual swimming, tennis, football etc for us plus Sam's 9th birthday party at (predictably) a football centre !!!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Where is my umph ?

I am currently waiting for my crafting enthusiasm to return. During the day, when I am running around being a mum and housewife etc, I have a real sense of wanting to bead. Then, as soon as I put the kids to bed my enthusiasm plummets and I find myself plonked infront of the tv watching some interesting but not at all necessary ch 4 documentary such as Embarrasing bodies, Relocation, Super nanny etc!

My question is whether other crafters experience this or am I just a lazy so & so who needs a push to get things done ! Sent via my iPhone

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Well - how proud am I with myself !

Blogging is not my strong point - as can be seen by the date of my last proper post. But someone said something to me on Twitter last week that sparked an idea - they suggested that I post via email on my iphone ....well I was gobsmacked. The thought never occurred to me ! Of course being a bit of a techno-phobe, I thought I'd spend 2 yrs trying to find out how. But in the space of 10 quiet minutes whilst Zach watches Tractor Tom - I have not only found out how, but managed to do it too !!!! (see spectacular post below !!!) Very happy, because I think it may lead to more posts. Now wondering if I can add photos too...hmm off to have a look. I know it must be my age, but I still can't quite get over what you can do today using phone & laptop ! Would also like to know how to save my preferred font etc so that I don't have to redo it with each post - answers below !!!! Cheers everyone.
Blog post test

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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Was is really October....

that I last posted on here. Time flies by, doesn't it ? Most of my time has been taken up working on some commissions - but I can't post pictures just in case the recipient sees & it would spoil her Christmas surprise !
Family life has been busy, we hosted a surprise party for my dad at the end of November to celebrate his 80th birthday. He had a lovely day - we had a family meal at lunchtime & then the bash in the evening.
Christmas is coming up quickly - all our present shopping is done so tomorrow & tuesday will be my wrapping days. Our middle son has done his nativity and its our eldest's tomorrow. The house is decorated inside & out, and I've even done quite a bit of food shopping too. Christmas cards in the post....so really pleased, I'm going to try to have a relaxing time leading up to the festivities this year.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Is there anybody there ?

Having a wobble moment guys - now I know my infrequent ramblings are not very funny or even particularly newsworthy, but I just wondered if anyone ever reads them ? Could you give me a sign that someone occasionally browses .... or should I knock the blogs on the head ? Answers below, please.....

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Half term holidays......

Today we visited the Screech Owl Sanctuary at Goss Moor in Cornwall. Our eldest son is a bit of a 'twitcher' and has been desperate to go for ages. It was well worth the trip - fantastic numbers of wonderful Owls; chances to hold, stroke & get close too. Also a good children's play area to keep the others happy & tearooms too. We went with my brother who took this great shot of Sam. We then finished off with a long walk on the beach at Crantock, which is a lovely clean Cornish beach complete with obligatory surf dudes ! Got home extremely tired but with a very happy little boy. So I would definitely recommend it http://screechowlsanctuary.co.uk

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

In the mood for a competition ? This one is fab http://misiuk.blogspot.com/2009/09/amazing-autumn-misi-blog-giveaway.html Do go and have a look and enter - the prize is amazing.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Sunday, 23 August 2009

My work area.....

I've been meaning to post pictures of my new work area in the conservatory. I have moved out of the playroom, as I got fed-up packing everything up each time. Now I can spread out a bit & there is a lockable door, so I know little fingers won't be playing with my beads !
This is the view that I have while I 'work', which is lovely.
I have managed to make a few new things lately - all now listed on Misi. Pop over & have a look if you have time.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I promise to try harder.....

It's been a long time since I last blogged.....so I promise to try harder in future ! I have been busy sorting out my work area, sorting my bead stash and pricing up the new beads I bought on holiday. Plus it's the school holidays - so life gets taken over by 3 young boys who seem to require feeding every 5 minutes !! As I mentioned last time, I have also set up my fan page on Facebook and to date, have 98 fans. I would love to get to the elusive 100 - I'm hoping it will happen soon. Thank you to everyone who is already a fan. If you like my fan page, then recommend me to your FB pals too. Off to bed now, but hopefully it won't be as long next time until the next post. (PS I haven't forgotten that I also need to complete my 'tagging' - sorry !)

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Become a fan....

Some recent creations above.........
The news is I've got around at last to doing my fanpage on Facebook. So for all you facebookers....click on the link at the bottom of this blog & become a fan.
Have spent time today measuring & remeasuring for a new desk. I need a bit of space for my creations ...at the moment I work in the playroom & have as much space as the boys care to leave me. But its not ideal - would like to de-camp into the conservatory, but can't find a suitable desk. I saw a lovely one online in Ikea, but (if the measurements can be believed) it is huge ! So the jury is still out .....
Right, off to bed now. Its absolutely pouring down outside, has been all day. Here's hoping for brighter weather tomorrow.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Back from hols .....store now open.....

We are back from our hols - we had a lovely week - sunshine all the way. Great places we visited included Abbotsbury Swannery, Chesil Beach for fossil hunting, Sandbanks beach at Poole, The Tank Museum at Bovington and Corfe Castle. Also managed to search out two bead shops - discovered Jezebels Jewels in Weymouth (http://jezebelsjewels.co.uk/) and Beads47 in Poole(http://beads47.co.uk). Both well worth a visit if you are near. So, the store is now open again. Hopefully I can get motivated to make some new designs & list them. I need to organise my work space I think - currently I am working on the table in the playroom, so have to clear up after each session, usually mid-creation ! I am thinking I might put a desk in the conservatory - have seen a lovely specialised one but it is way too expensive, so will have to improvise I think. http://www.storage4crafts.com/shopx/product.php?productid=779&cat=0&page=1 I have also popped into Misi tonight just in time to catch the new layout of the site ! Wasn't expecting it, so was very confused at first (as usual) !! Looks great though and I see there is some information about the big forthcoming event on the 7th November in Bristol at the Paintworks. Go to http://misi.co.uk for more details.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Closed until 28/6....

Just to let you all know - have closed my Misi store until 28/6. I know we are not off on hols till Saturday, but have quite a bit to do before then so going to attempt a break from the PC as well this week ! See you all soon, Lisa x

My baby's birthday ...

Yesterday was my baby's second birthday - where has that time gone ? We spent the morning opening presents & then went to our local Aquarium for the morning. In the afternoon, family, godparents and friends came round for a birthday tea. The weather was gorgeous and much fun was had by all.
This is probably my last post now till after our holidays. So see you all some time at the end of June.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Bead contest.....

Just to let you all know there is a wonderful competition currently running from fellow blogger - Silver Parrot @ http://silverparrotdesigns.blogspot.com She is currently holding a huge bead give away contest - boy would I LOVE to win ! Other peoples beads are always way more inspiring & exciting. Go to the following link to read all about it. There are some wonderful beads in the prize - a super stash for some lucky lucky lucky person. If, like me, you've lost a wee bit of your mojo. this could be the ideal opportunity to spring it back to life. So go on, have a look, but be quick....the competition ends today. And even if you don't fancy winning (altho I can't think why not ???) the blog is a very interesting & light-hearted read. http://silverparrotdesigns.blogspot.com/2009/06/bead-giveaway-contest-reminder.html

New beginnings & new additions....

Here is my eldest (on the left), who was invested into the cubs tonight. He's been very excited about moving up from Beavers and now it is all 'official'. Really great for him - very proud of how he is growing up. But now mummy has lots of badges to sew onto the new shirt ! I have also got around to listing a couple of more things on Misi, so if you have time then please have a look. The first necklace is a pendant made from a handmade focal by the talented Wendy of Creeky Beads. The second is a very summery number in lime green, which will look perfect with a gorgeous maxi dress or just to dress up a plain T-shirt and jeans.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Postage changes....

Just a real quick post from me. I have tonight tweaked my UK postage rates on Misi - I now charge a flat rate of £1.50, no matter how many items you buy. I have also tweaked a couple of my prices, so if you have something sitting in your wishlist, then it might be worth checking back to see if it is even more of a bargain than before ! http://designsbyisis.co.uk Also, I am going to be away on holiday from 20th June for a week, so if there is something you do want to get, then best buy it now, otherwise you will have to wait till I get back.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Favourite Jewellery Books....

I've not got alot of time this week to be creative - need to organise a 2nd birthday for our youngest. But I do have to alter a bracelet that I made for my friend - it's a wee bit big, so need to adjust it for her. There it is (above) - turquoise with Swarovski crystals ... I was tidying up this morning & found my favourite jewellery books - the ones I love to flick through in a quiet moment. The Barbara Case book, 'It's all about the beads' was the first craft book that I bought & I still look at it often. It has some wonderful projects in it & gave me the confidence to think that I could maybe have a go. It's got great pictures & clear instrucions. My friend bought me the Linda Jones 'Wire & Beaded Jewellery' for my 40th this year and I love it. It's got some fantastic wirework projects in, something I'd like to have a go at. The final book - Beaders Bible by Dorothy Wood is another inspirational find. If you are thinking of treating yourself to some books then I can recommend all three.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

It's raining again .....

How wet has it been today ? When I looked at the forecast yesterday it said dry, so I invited my parents over for a BBQ to celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary. I went to Sainsbury's this morning (it was sunny then), bought all my lovely BBQ food and found when I went to car, that it was raining !!! Ever the optimist, hubby went & bought a new gas cylinder for the barbecue, just in case. Keen to cook his food - out he went anyway & BBQ'd in the rain. And just as he finished the cooking the sun came out & its a very pleasant evening now !

I got very excited on thursday night - only an hour after listing on Misi, I sold one of the items. There are some really gorgeous items on there, so if you have spare time, take a look.

It's my youngest's 2nd birthday next weekend - he's growing up into a really cheeky monkey. Time moves so quickly, I can hardly believe that he'll be 2. There will be no more babies, so its quite sad to be moving out of the 'baby' phase of our lives. Our middle one starts school too this September - he is so ready & really looking forward to it.

Righto - off now to slob in front of telly. I'm too tired & full of food to get creative tonight.

Before I go, can I just say thank you for the lovely comments on my previous post. My confidence in my work tends to ebb & flow so it really helps when people are so positive.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

New items added......

I have finally gotten around to making some new listings on my website, so why not go & have a look. It's getting late, so will post again later.
Take care...

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Free delivery on my child's butterfly necklace....

As it is such a lovely day today I thought that some little girl would love to be wearing my child's butterfly necklace. So I've decided to offer it with free delivery. It will look lovely with party dresses. Click on the link here......

Sunny Saturdays ...

Well, its fantastic weather today - hot with a good breeze. My eldest is playing in a football tournament today so hopefully hubby will remember to use the sunscreen.
Not alot else to report. Had a marvellous Chinese meal last night with good friends who wanted to hear all about the Peru exploits. So quite a late night was had - will take it easy today. Just posted on the Misi forum about ideas to promote Misi and generate more sales. If you've never had a look around then do so - its a fab place for that 'something a little bit different'. Click on http://misi.co.uk
The picture is my youngest (nearly 2) enjoying the sunshine this week. Have a good weekend....

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Wet wednesdays.....

Typical half term weather today, I'm afraid. The two eldest spent most of the day on the Wii or the computer, and didn't even get out of their pyjamas ! Thankfully, they were having a 'get along' day and so we managed a whole day without any arguing or fighting, which is a miracle ! Half terms though are not productive from a crafting point of view. I have managed to have a tweak on here and also a few more admin type things. Hoping to crack on next week. Hubby has been a bit under the weather today. He has just got back from two weeks in Peru where he was doing a sponsored trek along the Inca Trail in aid of the British Heart Foundation. He has raised nearly £6k and lost a lot of weight & got himself fit again which is fantastic. But he has also arrived home with jet lag & a nasty gastric-bug which is not so good.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

First Posts....

Well, this is my first post.....not quite sure where all this will take me ! I hope you will enjoy my comments on life as a mum of three boys, wife and budding jewellery maker.