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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Well what a few weeks we've just had ! Here's me promising to blog more often and then we hit holiday time & before I know it over a month has gone by. The Easter holidays were spent keeping 2 of our 3 occupied whilst looking after no2 son who came down with chicken pox on the first day of the holidays. Then after a busy two weeks, the eldest 2 went back to school and our youngest erupted into spots, so followed another week of confinement. They are all better now though.

Last week was unsettled too due to the Bank Holiday and schools closed for polling. So I am really hoping we can have a normal week this week and I can get crafting again.

Also hoping the warm weather will come back - yesterday was freezing so whilst hubby was out I put the heating on for the afternoon.

Finally, I'm also gearing myself up for a tough week with youngest son. He has never been a great eater, very fussy and a real junk lover, but since being ill it has got considerably worse. He is refusing anything except sweet stuff. So today I have dug my heels in. He refused his lunch, so was not allowed snacks this afternoon. Then he refused his bolognese tea so has been sent to bed without the cookie treat that the other boys had. The resulting trantrum was terrible - it really tore me apart. But I have stuck to my guns & not allowed any rubbish food. I did let him eat an apple before he went to sleep, because I felt such a bad mum. I'm really hoping he will soon get the message - I don't like this tough love !

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Anonymous said...

Ooh I sympathise with the fussy eating, I really struggle with my 5 yr old sometimes. But good for you for sticking to your guns! I do let my daughter have a banana if she wants one and hasn't eaten a thing, buut you're right this tough love is hard!!

Hope he improves soon.. bet you're glad you got the pox out the way, we still not had it!


Jean said...

You are doing the right thing Lisa. I know it is hard. Snacks are the bane of a modern Mum's life. In my day the snacks were not available as much and so the temptations were not so difficult to avoid. Good luck to you all x x